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Our first exhibition for 2015 was at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery (GPAG), a well-lit, white-walled space in the heart of Gibsons Landing; the old town, waterfront district of the larger town of Gibsons. The opening reception took place on Saturday afternoon, January 10th, and was attended by a couple of hundred people. We had a wonderful time on the Sunshine Coast (intermittently sunny and foggy). Best of all, the people we met and worked with made the experience a special one for us.

(We also received excellent coverage from the Gibsons Page and Coast Reporter)

main gallery space at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery

Main gallery space at the GPAG

Eve Smart Gallery at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery

The Eve Smart Gallery at the GPAG


Our 2014 Same, Same… but Different exhibition took place at Sea Star Vineyards, an incredible venue for the arts on Pender. Besides being a wonderful space our hosts were super friendly and the wine simply sumptuous (read their press!).

We opened on the Friday night of the Victoria Day long weekend in May.

Joanna Rogers and Kelly Irving art at Sea Star Vineyards

Some of the Art

Hudson and Hope, Sea Star Vineyards dogs

Hudson and Hope, vineyard hounds

opening night at Sea Star Vineyards

Surveying the Room

opening night at Sea Star Vineyards

Crowd from the Other End of the Room

We felt this was our most successful show to date.  We had great attendance (no doubt many folks over the weekend came to visit the winery and happened to catch our show); we both sold well (aiding our donation to the Pender Young Violins) and we had a great time hanging out at the winery and chatting with people over the weekend.  The weather was also excellent.  It was the beginning of one of Pender’s most spectacular summer’s ever.

In 2013 we had our third Same, Same… but Different exhibition at Whalepointe,  Joanna’s home, on South Pender Island. As everything was outside we worried a bit about the weather, wetter than the usual August on Pender Island (especially after a record setting dry July).  We rented tents from the Pender Island Farmers’ Institute, just in case. Ultimately only a sprinkle of rain and a bit of wind, early Saturday, marred an otherwise perfect weekend.

We displayed the artwork on fences, an exterior wall of the house, under tents and on the lawn.

Joanna Roger's artworks on fence at Whalepointe

Some of Joanna’s pieces on the fence.


Kelly’s photo prints of Myanmar displayed on clothes line.

Kelly set up a camera and backdrop for a ‘Photo Booth’, capturing both the artists and some of the attendees:

Joanna Rogers and Kelly Irving at Whalepointe, South Pender Island

Joanna and Kelly as the exhibition opened.

irving130818003 irving130818004 irving130818006 irving130818008 irving130818009 irving130818010 irving130818011 irving130818012 irving130818013 irving130818014 irving130818016

The end of another successful Same, Same... but Different exhibition

Brian, Joanna, Sue and Kelly toast the completion of another successful exhibition.

Throughout the weekend bizarre viewings of animals occurred: while shuttling back and forth on Friday  Kelly spotted, first, one pileated woodpecker standing on the road and then, later, three in a  group standing beside the road.  As the show wound down on Sunday and we chatted with visiting cyclists, Sue spotted a Cooper’s Hawk standing on the fence above Joanna’s work.  (Between the the two photos of cyclists above, you can see I’ve changed camera position to photograph the hawk.)

Cooper's Hawk looking at artwork at Pender Island, BC art exhibition

Cooper’s Hawk admiring Art

Later, after a lovely dinner and martinis, a small group of Orca Whales swam by just before the sunset.

sunset from Whalepointe, South Pender Island, BC

Sunset from Whalepointe, South Pender Island, BC

To see more of each artist’s work please visit our individual pages: Joanna and Kelly. Thanks! and hope to see you next year!


For the month of July 2012 the Corre Alice Gallery in Cumberland, BC hosted the Same Same… but Different exhibition. Here are some photos from the opening weekend.

view of the weather from the Malahat Drive, Vancouver Island, BC

Not Summer Weather!

Opening night was Saturday, June 30. Joanna drove to Cumberland on Friday, avoiding the worst of the long weekend traffic and weather. Kelly, however, chose to drive up on Saturday and encountered holiday weekend traffic and nasty weather. Fortunately Cumberland was above it all and was its usual mellow self with dry streets.

setting up the exhibition at the Corre Alice Gallery, Cumberland, BC

The Set-Up (while Lupin sleeps)

Set-up went very smoothly. It’s lovely how the Same Same… but Different show fits so easily into venues. Set-up was so relaxing Joanna’s wee hound Lupin slept through most of it.

view of the exhibition at the Corre Alice Gallery

Same, Same… but Different!

Rather than grouping the works by artist on each wall the show was hung by alternating each artist’s work around the room, sharing the wall space and fitting pieces in as the hanging progressed. Hanging the show went amazingly smoothly and it was up in no time at all.

at the front of the Corre Alice Gallery

Grouping by the Front Window…

Joanna Roger's art at the Corre Alice Gallery

And on the Other Side

At 7pm. the doors opened to the public and locals and visitors from around the world, many of them in town for the BC Bike Race, flowed in.

opening night at the Corre Alice Gallery, Cumberland, BC

Opening Night

The Corre Alice Gallery has two rooms. The photos above and below show the room featuring the works of Corre Alice and a few other local artists.

the dogs loving the carpet at the Corre Alice Gallery

Dogs Loving the Carpet

The dogs hung out on the carpet while the people checked out the art and socialized.

Sunday, July 1 was the start of the BC Bike Race, a seven day singletrack mountain bike race staged in seven locations. The cyclists were camped out just down the road from the gallery.

BC Bike Race campground at Cumberland

BC Bike Race Campgrounds

Sunday morning the 500 cyclists started from downtown Cumberland, heading up into the mountains.

start of the BC Bike Race, Day 1, Cumberland, BC

Start of the BC Bike Race

BC Bike Race start

A More Abstract View

Joanna and Kelly were delighted by the reception their exhibition received. A steady flow of locals and visitors made for an exciting opening night. The artwork received lots of praise (one gentleman was overheard saying “Amazing!”) and everyone, including the hounds, had a grand time. Thanks Corre Alice!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

On August 19, 20 and 21, 2011 Joanna and Kelly held their first Same Same… but Different exhibition at the Anglican Parish Hall on North Pender Island, B.C. With almost 100 works of art on display on a brilliant summer weekend the show attracted many visitors.

view of Same Same... but Different art exhibition, Pender Island, August 2011

View from Hall Entrance

Exhibition spaces are limited on Pender. The Anglican Parish Hall provides a bright, well-lit room. A picture hanging rail on the walls and display panels rented from the Pender Island Art Society provided ample hanging space.

another view of the Pender Island Anglican Parish hall space

Looking the Other Way

The hall is not a dedicated art space, however. Compromises and ingenuity created an interesting layout. Drapes covered the large corner windows and created a backdrop for Joanna’s Soft Shells for Hard Times series.

Joanna Rogers "Soft Shells for Hard Times"

Soft Shells for Hard Times

The immovable projection screen was a bit of an obstacle until Kelly realized it worked as a framing device for his 3D Red and 3D Blue pieces. He then place his sculpture Camera in front to reinforce references to 3D viewers.

Kelly Irving 3D Red and 3D Blue artworks

3D Red and 3D Blue on Screen

close-up of Kelly Irving's Camera

Close-Up of Camera

The hanging rail extended over most of the wall space. Kelly used it for hanging framed images and Joanna utilized it for hanging some of her fabric works.

Joanna Rogers' Shibori Dreams

Joanna’s Shibori Dreams

The display boards were used to not only hang pieces but also to hide doors and direct the flow of visitors.

Joanna Rogers' Philosopher's Laboratory

Joanna’s Philosopher’s Laboratory

Kelly created several spaces using the display boards. Each space focussed on a specific theme or direction of his work. Below are some of his manipulated digital images. In the centre are two re-imagined album covers with cutouts revealing the originals. On the right is I, the piece that Kelly originally envisioned when thinking of layering images.

some of Kelly Irving's manipulated digital photographs

Selection of Kelly’s Manipulated Digital Photoworks

His more conventional photography was situated in another area of the exhibition.

selection of Kelly Irving's travel photographs

Some of Kelly’s Travel Photos

Joanna separated Soft Shells for Hard Times from the entrance area with a display board on which she hung several of her smaller, individual pieces. On the bottom left is Chiton Shield.

some more of Joanna Rogers' pieces

Chiton Shield and Other Works

Joanna’s works invite closer inspection.

close-up of Philosopher's Laboratory

Two of Joanna’s Philosopher’s Laboratory Pieces

And Kelly’s too!

two of Kelly's layered transparencies

Two of Kelly’s Layered Transparencies

one of Joanna Rogers' Soft Shells for Hard Times artworks

Soft Shell for Hard Times

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