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I have been making some new silk pieces, some new bottle pieces and a new piece of armour. All will be shown at Sea Star Estates Vineyard May 17 – 19. Below are some detail shots. To see the complete pieces, please come to our show!
Notus, or South Wind, was the bringer of the storms of late summer and autumn.

Notus, or South Wind, was the bringer of the storms of late summer and autumn.

Euros, the East Wind, was thought to bring warmth and rain.

Euros, the East Wind, was thought to bring warmth and rain.


Feather Armour

Feather Armour based on a statue of Joan of Arc in Winchester Cathedral.

North Wind

Boreas, the North Wind, was the bringer of cold winter air.

South Wind

Zephyrus, the West Wind, was the bringer of light spring and early summer breezes.

The Aquarium

The Aquarium explores ideas of collecting and collections.



House as gallery wall.

House as gallery wall.

Our Third Same, Same…But Different show went wonderfully well. There are pros and cons to holding an art show outdoors. The weather co-operated and the pieces that Kelly and I had chosen to display looked very rich in the natural sunlight. Here are some of the photos I took over the 2 days. There are more photos on Kelly’s page and on the home page.

Soft Shells for Hard Times in the late afternoon sun

Soft Shells for Hard Times in the late afternoon sun

The Orangery and Aviary.

The Orangery and Aviary.

The Natural History Museum.

The Natural History Museum.

I’m busy preparing for our 3rd annual SSBD show. This time in the grounds of my house. I am really looking forward to this. Both Kelly and I have new work to show. Here is a sampling of my new pieces.

Edmund de Waal's "The Hare With Amber Eyes"

Edmund de Waal’s “The Hare With Amber Eyes”



A Solstice Installation by SPAM

A Winter’s Tale

The winter was an artless season for me due to full-time work. This was the last art project I was involved in before the darkness set in. Kelly and I created this installation in the glass display cabinet at the Drfitwood Centre on Pender Island.

Joanna Rogers at Art Off the Fence, South Pender Island, BC

Art Off the Fence

Kelly and I were both invited to be guests at Art Off the Fence in July of 1012. I made a series of abstract layered pieces based on some of my favourite places on Pender Island. This one is called Moonlight on Boundary Pass. Kelly took this photo on Sunday afternoon during a break from the rain that dampened the art, but not the spirits of the artists. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and we wandered around and sat around the art in Wendy’s beautiful orchard and garden.

Jeanette Winterson's The Passion

Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion

The theme for the 2012 Art Off the Fence show was “the book”. I made 4 small silk collages based on 4 of my favourite books. The Passion was especially fun to make because Brian and I had spent a week in Venice in May.

The Persistence of Pussy Willows

The Persistence of Pussy Willows

I made this piece for Verse and Vision, an exhibit of poetry and art inspired by the poetry held at the community hall on Pender Island in July 2012. My piece was inspired by a beautiful poem of the same name written by Amanda Seguin:

The Persistence of Pussy Willows by Amanda Seguin

Sleeping in the swamp-land

Feet soggy and deep in the silt,

Molting cat-tails like balding heads

Sway in the summer sun.

A cedar canoe slides between the reeds,

Thin as an eel,

Stalking mallards who chew on thick

chickweed, lazy.

Sitting low in the boat

Paddling the Indian stroke

Silent. Breathing.

Smelling caramel grass. Tree roots

steaming where the sun turns the pond to mist.

Pussy willows brush their heads

against the hull, purring.

They caress the canoe shyly,

Like a new lover.

SSBD at Corre Alice's gallery in Cumberland

SSBD at Corre Alice’s gallery in Cumberland

In June 2012, Kelly and I took Same, Same…but Different to Cumberland – to Corre Alice’s beautiful Gallery/studio/home. We know Corre from her time on Pender Island and we both admire her work immensely. We were very lucky to be able to show our work in such a beautiful gallery space, and, I have to say it, our show did look good there!

In the Welcome Collection Museum, London

In the Welcome Collection Museum, London

In May I was in London for a couple of days with Brian. We went to the Welcome Collection Museum – very odd stuff. The “collection” is comprised of anthropological specimens with a medical twist bequeathed to the city by Lord Welcome. There was also an extensive exhibit about the brain and how the brain has been studied over the years and some exhibits of contemporary art examining diverse aspects of medicine today. This sculpture caught my eye and then I read the blurb…

J.G. Ballard quote

J.G. Ballard quote

J.G Ballard was my very most favourite author in the 1980’s. I used to imagine visiting him in his home in Shepperton, the two of us sharing a bottle of whisky while he told me how he came up with the ideas for his books. And now, here he was again and in London, no less!

uk and venice 053 - Copy

After London, we went to Venice for a week. This is a detail from an antique gondola on view in the courtyard of the Doge’s Palace. It looks a little like the old wooden blocks used for printing fabric, maybe even one designed by William Morris himself.

Ca d'Or

Ca d’Or

This is a detail of the mosaic floor in the courtyard of the Ca d’Or, also in Venice. It reminded me of quilting patterns. The design representing the ‘pieced’ nature of both mosaics and quilts.

Sophia II is a part of the Seven Veils installation. It was created from hand-dyed silk.

When Kelly emailed me to suggest a collaborative exhibition in 2011, I was thrilled. I’ve always enjoyed and respected Kelly’s artistic output. I find his work provocative and thoughtful. At first, I was surprised that he would think our work at all similar, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that our work was very well suited to being shown side by side. We both love layering: images, ideas, textures. We both experiment with form and materials in our work. And we both refuse to fit ourselves into any pre-ordained pigeon holes.

Bottle Cap Armour is part of Soft Shells for Hard Times, an ever-expanding collection of eccentric suits of armour.

I spent the winter of 2010/2011 finishing my Seven Veils series and adding to my Soft Shells for Hard Times installation in anticipation of the show Kelly and I were to have in the summer of 2011. I then turned my attention to completing The Philosopher’s Laboratory, a series of small bottle pieces created for Art Off the Fence, 2011, and destined to be included in Same, Same But Different.

As pieces in the Same, Same But Different shows sell, they are replaced by new works. I am creating a series of layered silk pieces based on the idea of salvage using found textiles and found objects as well as dyed silk. I am also making a separate series of abstract layered pieces, which document some of my favourite places on Pender Island and am weaving with cassette tape to create panels for another suit of armour.

Clam Bay Beach Cliff is an abstract representation of one of the many stunning cliffs that line some of the Pender Island beaches.

Weaving panels for a suit of armour. The warp is mercerised cotton. The weft is mercerised cotton with an overshot weft of cassette tape, which creates the pattern.

I live and work on glorious South Pender Island.

Joanna Rogers' home and studio on South Pender Island, BC

Home and Studio

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