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Spring and New Growth

February 16, 2015

Late April 2015: Pender Island

Wow! That was winter? Ahhhh…. the Wet Coast.  Suddenly it’s Spring and everything’s gone green. Rampant growth and pollen floating by in the Pacific breezes. We both love how we can step out of our studios and into an Arcadian world with wandering herds of deer, passing Orcas and eagles keeping an eye on it all.

Meanwhile in our respective studios we create new works for our fifth (!)annual Same Same but… Different exhibition. The  invite images are sneak peaks of some of our new work.

Invitation to Same Same but... Different

Your invitation!

With the show opening in just over two weeks we’re both busy but will be posting more sneak peeks in the coming daze and weeks!


Opening in Cumberland

July 20, 2012

On June 30th, 2012 the Same, Same… but Different exhibition opened at the Corre Alice Gallery in Cumberland, BC. This is Joanna and Kelly’s first exhibition in an official gallery with real gallery walls and an opening night and everything! To see more photos of Same, Same… but Different at the Corre Alice Gallery please visit the Exhibitions page.

Corre Alice Gallery, Cumberland, BC

Taking the Show to Cumberland!

June 14, 2012

On June 30th, 2012 we’ll be opening Same, Same… but Different at the Corre Alice Gallery in Cumberland, BC.

Corre Alice once lived on Pender Island but her career took her to first Victoria and then to Cumberland where her gallery has garnered rave reviews. Kelly stopped by for a visit while attending the Vancouver Island Music Festival in 2011 and was delighted to see Corre, her gallery and her new work. He discovered she presents visiting artists in one room of the gallery and arranged with Corre that the Same, Same… but Different exhibition could be seen there in July 2012.

While many of Kelly and Joanna’s artworks from their 2011 show on Pender will be shown at the Corre Alice Gallery there will be a few new pieces.

Kelly is making new works for the Same, Same… but Different exhibition plus all new work for South Pender Island’s Art Off the Fence show (July 14 & 15) and the RPM: The Lost Art of LP Covers show at Deluge Contemporary Art in Victoria (June 22 – July 7).